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The thing about a career rut is: It can sneak up on you, but you know it when you’re in one.

While most of us anticipate a bit of turmoil in our career, setbacks can quickly stack up, causing you to lose momentum. It’s crucial to shake off any bad feelings when you start to lose career momentum. Your time is precious and there’s no need to waste it by feeling uninspired or sad.

If you’re currently stuck in a bit of a rut or want to be prepared to handle one, consider the following tips.

Shake it off

It’s easy to allow a career defeat to affect your resolve, wiping out any recent successes you’ve had in any part of life. However, if you try to let problems roll off your back, you’ll be happier and more prone to staying the course.

Force out any bad feelings and thoughts when you feel like you’re in a career rut. Remind yourself that things don’t always go as planned, no matter how hard your tried, and you can always try again.

Identify the problem

The best way to get out of a career rut is to figure out what’s causing it, so you can address the problem. Are you working 50-hours a week and don’t have time to work on your career? Is there no room for promotion at your current job? Are you not feeling passionate about your prospects?

When trying to identify the source of your frustration, be as honest with yourself as possible. Make a short list of all the things that might be causing your career rut.

Research your options

Search for jobs and companies that speak to your strengths and what you like about your current job, while avoiding the things you don’t like. Focus on job openings and businesses in your industry. You might find some jobs or apply to or even realize you don’t need a new job, you simply must adjust a few facets of your present situation.

During your research, you might realize you need a total overhaul of your professional life, which may include going back to school or shifting careers. If this is the situation, spend some time considering your interests, hobbies, strengths and passions. Is there something people keep telling you you’re good at that could become a job? Don’t hesitate to think creatively and explore some concepts that might be a long way from your current career.

Get advice

Getting career advice from other people has three major benefits. First, it can help you to see your career from a unique perspective. Second, it can be therapeutic. Third, it can make you accountable to someone else, something that has be shown to produce results.

At Career Concepts, we have years of experience in helping folks get out of their career rut. If you’re currently looking for career assistance, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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