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Somewhere along the way, you probably heard you ought to send along a thank-you note following a job interview, but it is something you really have to do?

Although some hiring managers aren’t troubled by job applicants not sending a written ‘thank you’, some do hold it against you. Why would you risk offending the individual who has such a massive say on your professional future? Clearly, thank-you notes are very useful in job search.

Many people looking for work are concerned it will make them seem like they are kissing up or begging, but there aren’t many hiring managers who will see it that way. Just don’t attach anything to the note, such as candy or a gift basket.

There are a lot of good reasons for delivering a thank-you note after a job interview. For starters, it’s courteous. Consider the interviewer as a host at the business you want to work for. Basic manners tell us we should thank our host. Even if the person who interviewed you wouldn’t take offense to not getting a note, making the effort to carry out this basic courtesy can work in your favor. It isn’t merely politeness that ought to inspire you.

A follow-up ‘thank you’ note tells the company you truly want the job and are prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure you get it. A note also helps you to stick out in the interviewer’s mind, mention anything you might have forgotten to say, reinforce your biggest selling points and address any concerns your interview might have expressed about your application.

Hopefully, you are now convinced that sending a thank-you note is the right thing to do after a job interview. Consider the following tips on how to write a one.

Email your note immediately

Yes, there’s something nice about getting a handwritten note in the mail, but in this situation, there’s just too much that can go wrong to use snail mail. For instance, the company mailroom could misplace your letter.

Using email also gives you the benefit of immediacy. You can reiterate strong points and address missteps while they are still fresh in your mind.

Send personalized notes(s)

If you talked to multiple people in the course of your interview, you should send a thank-you note to each person. Every thank-you note you send should be personalized, short and simple. Generally speaking, you should use formal titles, such as Mr. or Ms., when addressing the note. If there’s a question about gender, don’t guess which title to use: Just use their full name. If you feel you are on a first-name basis with the person, go ahead and address them by first name.

Be simple and straightforward

Start your note by including the date you were interviewed and mentioning the job for which you were interviewed. Then, mention how much you want the job, a positive from your conversation and address any concerns your interviewer expressed.

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