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Social media is a big part of many of our private lives, but it can also be a strong job search instrument, regardless of where you might be in your career.

According to a major survey, 37 percent of hiring personnel discovered new hires through social media in 2016. Clearly, you’re missing out on job opportunities if you aren’t on one of the many social networks. That being said, social media can be confusing. Is Twitter a good place to find a job? Should your Facebook profile be dedicated solely to your career?

The answers to these and other questions vary based on career and specific career goals. From establishing a professional brand to connecting with key figures, each network has its own value. In the end, it’s up to you to determine how much energy you want to dedicate to each one, and which will help you the most.

Consider the following tips on how to properly use social media in your job search.

LinkedIn is a must

When it comes to advancing your career, LinkedIn is the social platform you need to be on. At its most basic, LinkedIn can serve as a digital version of your resume. You can list your work history, education, certifications and any other information you think might be useful to potential employers.

LinkedIn is more than just a digital resume though. It’s a social platform that can be used to connect to all the people in your professional life, including coworkers, supervisors, clients, contractors and customers.

You can also use LinkedIn to connect to other people you may not know. Those feeling bold can reach out to secondary connections and LinkedIn Groups are forums where you can discuss the finer details of your industry.

Twitter influence requires time

If you would like to add another social platform, Twitter is a solid option, but to get job opportunities or recognition within your field requires significant time and energy. Re-tweeting and sharing your own thoughts, as well as talking to others is a must. If you don’t commit the resources, you won’t gain much influence or get approached for career opportunities.

For those unable to commit the resources needed to gain recognition, Twitter is still a great way for keeping on top of your industry on a day-to-day or even minute-to-minute basis. Tracking influencers in your field, industry-specific media and executives you’ve worked for or would prefer to work for can give you granular insight on your career or someone’s thought processes.

The biggest social media mistake on Facebook

Hiring managers regularly scour applicants’ Facebook profile in search of offensive material. So, the biggest mistake you can make is to post something that scares off potential employers. Pornographic, violent, threatening and vulgar content should be avoided at all costs. It’s also good to steer clear of controversial topics, unless those topics are directly related to your field. Even then, controversy should be handled delicately.

Facebook is an excellent and easy way to search for jobs, however, its also be most visible way to make yourself appear like the kind of person a hiring manager wouldn’t want to bring on board.

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