Why Should We Hire You?


“Why should we hire you?” It’s a popular question with hiring managers because the answer can be so revealing.

Simply put, this question is at the center of any interview. This question also puts an interviewee on the spot, hopefully revealing how they operate under direct pressure.

A good answer to this question should make a case for why you are the solution to the employer’s problem; a need for more talent on their team. A fantastic answer makes a case for why no other applicant could do the job better than you.

Concentrate on the company’s needs

Although the question may seem all about you, it’s really not. Your skills and career certainly bear mentioning, but this question is a chance to describe how you’ll bring value to the business.

Therefore, it’s helpful to study the business’ mission statement, website, social media posts, quarterly reports, press releases and recent news stories. You don’t need to commit this material to memory, just review it for patterns and themes that you can use in your answer.

Review the job posting

Most job posting summarize not just the job duties and qualifications, but also essential core abilities. Focus on three to four abilities that you excel at and describe how you’ve demonstrated them previously. Where possible, incorporate language from the job posting, using some of the company’s own words in a way that doesn’t sound overly rehearsed.

No time for modesty

To make a good impression with a potential employer, you must show confidence. Companies prefer to see you know who you are, you’re comfortable in your own skin and you know how to bring value.

Your past performance reviews can show what supervisors thought you brought to the table. Talking to former co-workers can also point you toward your strengths. Spotlight those abilities or achievements in your response.

Talk about your cultural fit

In recent years, employers have begun to realize that focusing solely on job applicants’ skills and experience doesn’t always result in the most effective new employee. Companies are now placing more emphasis on finding applicants who have the best disposition and values to fit in with their existing team.

Part of your reason for why a company should hire you ought to include a bit about how you can fit into the company culture. This requires a bit of research on your part to determine exactly with the current culture is like. Talking to current and former employees is a great way to get a handle on a company culture. It also helps to study a company’s social media posts. Is the tone of voice casual or very professional? Are there a lot of posts about fun events or hot topics in the industry? Is it a younger-looking company or one with a lot of grey hairs?

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