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Given the fact you spend decades of your life at work, establishing a good relationship with your boss is essential to your happiness at work. Furthermore, a good relationship with your boss means more job satisfaction and better career prospects.

Keeping that in mind, consider the following ways to develop an effective and mutually beneficial relationship with your supervisor.

Avoid communicating through emails, text messages and notes

Not only are texts and notes less personal than conversations, text-based messages are also more likely to be misinterpreted. If you’re looking to discuss more than a basic a task, making a big request or apologizing for an error, make sure you have a face-to-face conversation. Not only is this the right thing to do, it’ll probably lead to a more productive conversation and increase the likelihood you and your supervisor are on the same page.

Realize your manager has duties too

Too frequently, we think of managers as supervisors who watch over us, failing to remember they have their own duties as well.

An effective way to develop a deeper relationship with your boss is to ask them if you can help them out. By starting this conversation, you open the door to new projects they may not have otherwise considered you for. When you take on these assignments, you can boost your visibility among management, potentially leading to career advancement.

Be open to feedback

Most of us are highly resistant to feedback and criticism. By being open and receptive to it, you can stand apart from the crowd and show your boss you value what they have to say.

If you’re truly a good feedback recipient, your supervisor will be more prone to share useful advice, which can allow you to grow or get the inside track on various opportunities. If you’re not getting much in the way of constructive criticism, ask your manager for ways you can do your job better.

Realize every employee-boss relationship is different

With some supervisors, a great relationship will come effortlessly. With others, a great relationship will be hard to come by, no matter how hard you work at it. Some bosses will appreciate your unique qualities and others will be annoyed by them. The trick is to play the hand you’re dealt and roll with the punches.

Also, your relationship with your boss will evolve over time. You might have a great relationship that grows cold as they get worn down by the stress of the job. Or, you might have a horrible relationship that changes after more senior employees leave and you grow into a more senior role. It’s important to recognize your relationship with your boss could be completely different just six months from now.

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