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Almost all large businesses use call centers to provide customer service and sell products or services. These call centers might be on location or halfway around the world

These businesses want to keep their call center staffed with superb representatives. For people seeking these jobs, it’s good to understand precisely what employers look for in call center workers. Check out a few of the top job skills that call centers are looking for right now.

A good attitude

A big part of customer service is simply being outgoing and upbeat (without being annoying). Companies want people who will represent them well to the public, and a big part of that is projecting a good attitude, regardless of your mood or the task at hand.

Communication skills

Obviously, people who work as representatives at cell centers should have good communications skills because their job is to communicate with the public. Call center employees must be able to effective communicate with their colleagues and their supervisors. Call centers can be fast-paced environments and workers must be able to communicate quickly and clearly.


When working at a call center, you must be able to get along with various personalities. Team players contribute to an overall culture and make a call center a better place to work.

Show you are a team player in a call center interview by providing examples of when you effectively collaborated with others to achieve a collective goal in the past.


Among the most integral call center worker requirements is the ability to multitask. Call center employees have to jump from call to call, take notes, make decisions and send callers to the proper resources. The best call center workers can concentrate on the task in front of them, in addition to everything else happening around them.

Throughout the interview and screening process, you should try to convey a background of effectively handling multiple tasks at once. Have one or two prepared examples that describe situations where you handled several responsibilities and came out of the situation looking like a rock star.

Problem-solving abilities

While call center employees aren’t expected to regularly solve complex riddles or theoretical equations, they do frequently come across situations on calls that aren’t simple or clearly outlined by basic procedures. In these instances, you need to rely on your ability to breakdown and solve a problem.

Desire to be helpful

Among the most integral call center worker skills is the desire to assist customers in need of help. Do you take a genuine interest in other people and their problems? Or, do you tune out the second someone else starts talking about themselves?

Mock phone calls can help you practice your ability to hear others’ problems and offer a solution.

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