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The New Year is a chance for new beginnings and it’s also the perfect time to start a new job.

However, change can be scary. There are a lot of anxieties associated with changing jobs and if you want to move ahead in your career, it’s important for you to tackle these fears head on.

The average person spends one-third of their life being employed so it’s important to not let fear hold you back from being content. Consider the following career fears and how to address them.

You’re worried about “betraying” your current employer

Some people are so loyal to the people around them; they worry about how they will get on without them if they were to leave. They don’t want to walk out on their overworked peers or a boss that depends on them.

While this amount of loyalty is admirable, it can be crippling to your career. You can address this concern by doing everything you can to enable a smooth transition. Offer to train your replacement and pass along all your tricks-of-the-trade to your colleagues.

You’re worried about regretting a career move

Some people stay in a job they truly hate just because they are worried they’ll regret changing jobs. These folks have figured out how to navigate a bad boss or toxic work culture and have convinced themselves that it’s just as bad everywhere else.

However, you owe it to yourself to try to improve your situation. You get over this fear by talking to other people about their jobs, attending networking events and researching other companies. Before long, you’ll begin to realize that some people actually look forward to going to work and there are good companies to work for out there.

You worried you can’t cut it somewhere else

Despite being successful and earning the respect of their colleagues, some folks still feel like a fraud – they they’ll be exposed as a talentless hack if they go work for another company.

A good strategy for confronting this self-doubt is to research the qualifications and job descriptions for your dream jobs. Then, ask yourself how your skills and experience stack up. If you’re falling short in a few places, address those shortcomings by getting more training or going back to school.

If you don’t have any major shortcomings, remember that you’ve made it this far and there’s no reason to think you can’t keep going onward and upward in this career track.

You fear being the noob

After a few years on the job, you start to develop you own little crew of co-worker who got out for the occasional drink or maybe even get together on weekends. Leaving your job means leaving these work-friends and being the new guy. You’d have to make friends again and that’s a hard thing to do!

One way to get over this social anxiety is to push yourself to meet new people in your personal life. Once you get in the rhythm of meeting new people, it’ll be a lot easier handle being the “new guy” at a new job.

At Career Concepts, we help people get over their career anxieties and get ahead on their career path. If you’re looking to make a career move, check out our job board today!


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