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There are numerous reasons why staffing firms are the right choice when it comes to your hiring initiatives. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right one.

When making use of staffing agencies, you must be aware they are an extension of your corporate identity. You want the company to properly represent you and your business. If you pick the wrong talent supplier, it can create bad perceptions with your partners, and in business, perception is everything. If hiring takes too long or applicants don’t get feedback from the staffing firm, they may fault your company. If applicants are contacted several times for the same job, it can also generate a bad opinion about your company.

If you are currently in the market for a staffing partner, consider the following factors.

Find a partner you can trust

Some staffing firms maintain relationships that are purely transactional. Communications are focused solely on fees and providing services. With these relationships, it is hard feel like the agency is truly invested in the success of your company, and that make them hard to trust.

Instead, try to partner with a company for a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship, with a staffing firm that is motivated to bring your company the best professionals for open positions. Furthermore, a staffing company should be sourcing candidates that fit the opportunity and workplace culture so these workers don’t leave after just a few months.

Avoid having too many staffing partners

Often, companies will use several staffing agencies in an attempt to attract more applicants. However, this strategy can have a negative effect.

Using a number of agencies can lead to confusion among all the organizations involved and job seekers. For example, multiple agencies might be working on filling the same job, leading to applicants getting contacted by different agencies for the same position. In this situation, the candidates might be confused as to which staffing firm to respond to and why an employer might us this hiring strategy.

Stick to internal hiring practices

Department managers looking to fill a vacant position should do so through their HR department and avoid going rogue. Staffing agencies are most effective when working with a dedicated recruitment team. By not adhering to standard hiring practices, you run the risk of having the position pulled due to confusion, budget changes or other reasons.

Provide feedback for all candidates

One of the most popular complaints among job seekers is not hearing back from employers after not getting hired for a position. Whether you are working with a staffing firm or not, it’s a good idea to provide regular feedback to candidates, especially those who received an initial response to their application.

At Career Concepts, we provide our clients with the best-fit talent for their open or temporary positions. If your company is currently looking for a custom staffing solution, please contact us today.


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