5 Tips for a More Productive Clerical Job Search


It seems like some people always have the inside track on job hunting, getting jobs without even sending in a resume or landing a clerical position where they have all kinds of autonomy and little supervision.

These people are not necessarily luckier or more talented. They have simply mastered a way of job searching that other people either don’t know about or are afraid of embracing. This outside-the-box strategy gives them a significant advantage with regards to standing out from the competition and landing prime job opportunities.

Below are a few ways these people conduct a more productive job search for that clerical job you want.

Try the back door

The conventional way of seeking a job is to apply through an online application and wait to hear from the company’s hiring personnel. However, highly-productive job seekers realize that there is a better way. Reaching out to people at a potential employer and learning about job opportunities that way is typically a much more effective “back-door” approach to applying for a job.

By connecting to people within the company, you can make yourself more memorable to the hiring manager and get some inside information that other candidates don’t have access to.

Go for culture fit

Conventional job seekers apply to a wide range of companies and then hope to impress a hiring manager in the interview, even though they might not be the best fit. Instead of being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, highly-effective job seekers prioritize finding job opportunities where they are the ideal fit.

Before even applying to a job, conduct thorough research on the company, its culture, the causes the company supports, the events it holds, the kind of people that work there, and even your would-be manager.

By doing this research and only applying to best-fit employers, you also gain more control over the process, which can make you feel more confident walking into the interview.

Go for career fit

Conventional job seekers also apply to a wide range of jobs, despite possibly being underqualified or overqualified.

On the other hand, high performers only seek positions that are the next step on their career path. This makes them more willing to negotiate for job aspects like career growth opportunities and schedule flexibility.

While this approach can sound scary and limiting, being selective can actually help you to cut through the clutter and only take jobs that both advance your career and set you up for future success.

Be a dynamic candidate

Conventional job seekers typically play it conservative – submitting a properly structured resume and providing the best-researched answer to interview questions. However, that buttoned-up approach can make you seem boring.

Highly-effective job seekers try to be dynamic without becoming unprofessional, as they realize that being likeable and a good fit for company culture is more important than crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’.

Give thanks

Effective job seekers also understand that small personal touches matter, particularly the “thank you” note. Sending a note of genuine appreciation not only help increase your chances of getting the job, it also helps to make a connection and potential addition to your professional network.

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