How to Convince Hiring Managers That You Are Their Number 1 Choice!


When a candidate walks in for an interview, the hiring manager has one big question on their mind: “Why should I hire this person?”

As the interviewee, you must explain why you’re a good fit for the position by talking about your skills, experience and ability to fit into the company culture. It also helps to convey the value you can provide to an employer, a deep understanding of the company and how you can address an issue the company is currently facing.

Below are a few tips on how you can convince a hiring manager that you are the best choice!

Explain your value and drive

One effective interview technique is to talk about the value you can provide. You might talk about how you will be a passionate employee who has skill set for the job, which will allow you to do meaningful work, and become even more irreplaceable as you grow your own career.

While it might feel a bit awkward, it’s important to include yourself here. Many people only talk about benefits for the company. By talking about how you will benefit from working in the position, you show how you intend to stay driven as an employee, a quality all interviewers are on the lookout for.

Show off your knowledge

Showing a deep understanding of the company can show a dedication to the role that is above and beyond that of other applicants. By conducting thorough research on the company, you can express how you might fit into the culture. Your research should include details on the company’s market segment, history and future plans.

By getting into a deep knowledge of the business, you are showing your enthusiasm for the job. The interviewer can get an image in their mind of how easy you will to be train and how you will attack a new project.

Address an issue

Often, hiring managers will hire new employees because they have a issue that must be addressed. You can rise above other applicants by talking about how you can provide fast assistance in addressing the company’s challenge. This also requires thorough research, which can include asking why the job was posted prior to the interview.

In taking this approach, don’t focus on talking about the past. Instead, emphasize the future and how you can make the hiring manager’s life easier by dealing with their most pressing situation. This indicates you’re a team player who thinks ahead and is prepared to hit the ground running.

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