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Seeking a promotion after the first year on a job is pretty ambitious. However, if you’re delivering a superior performance and conditions are right, it isn’t unreasonable.

Landing a promotion after the first year starts with finding the right job with the right company. After 12 months of doing great work, you will still have to make a compelling case and get the timing just right in order to land a promotion so quickly.

Finding the right conditions

You can set yourself up for getting promoted if you find a job with a good boss in an expanding company and/or growing industry.

Finding the ideal supervisor is among the most critical career decisions you can make. It might sound corny, but you ought to approach a potential job offer as if you were getting into a marriage, with your supervisor as your spouse. In addition to having a massive influence on your potential for promotion, they are going to have a big influence on how much you get paid and your job satisfaction.

During the interview process, screen your prospective boss carefully to ensure that they are the sort of person you would enjoy collaborating with and taking direction from. If possible, talk to other individuals who have worked for that supervisor.

If you want get promoted quickly, you should also identify a growing company, ideally in a high-growth industry. Study and seek out what potential employers are growing the fastest. In addition to having more opportunities, these companies tend to have better management, better products and services, modern tools and a brighter future.

Go above and beyond

Before you even think about developing your request for a promotion, you need to establish a reputation as one of the hardest workers in the company.

The hardest working employees are always known by their reputation throughout their organization and they are highly respected. They are always finding a way to get raises and promotions.

In addition to mastering the duties of your job, you should also ask for more responsibility on a regular basis. Offer to take on additional assignments, especially those that are high profile or add significant value to your company. Talk to your manager to ask for more responsibility, and if you get it, put your all into it.

Pick the right time

If you want to get a promotion after the first year, it’s not enough to just be one of the best workers in your company and have a boss who appreciates you. You also have to pick your spot.

If the company is expanding its facilities or launching a new product line, your chances of getting that promotion are much better than if sales are down or people are being laid off.

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