How to Prove You're a Hard Worker


For anyone in management, hard work from an employee is the great equalizer. 

The best workers don’t have every bit of relevant experience or an impeccable arsenal of impressive skills. The best employees work hard and really hustle to get the job done right.

Because this attribute is so valuable, it’s important to show an interviewer you have a great work ethic.

Give examples and references to prove your work ethic

While you can easily come up with an impressive way to describe your work ethic, giving examples is a more convincing way to drive that point home. Maybe you did some volunteer work evenings and weekends, went to school and worked fulltime or raised a child while attending college. All of these are great examples of getting through adversity with hard work.

Translate your examples into how your hard work will pay dividends for the company. For instance, you could cite certain job responsibilities you plan to invest extra time and energy into tackling.

You could also show a hiring manager you’re willing to work hard by bringing something of value to the table. For instance, you could bring in some sales leads or contacts you worked hard to earn. Proactively do some research on a problem the company is facing and offer new insights, or offer to work a trial period for free to prove yourself.

Finally, a great way to prove you’re a hard worker is to invite your interviewer to contact your professional references who can vouch for your work ethic.

Showcase related attributes

People with a great work ethic don’t just have that quality alone. Generally speaking, they’re also reliable, dedicated, passionate, professional and respectful. Simply conducting yourself properly leading up to and during the interview can easily showcase these associated qualities.

In your communications with company professionals, be sure to keep your tone professional and respectful, unless the other person sets a more relaxed tone that you should follow. Always address people as Mr., Ms., Dr. or whatever their title may be, unless told otherwise.

Be timely with all of your communications and show up to the interview on time or slightly ahead of schedule. Be prepared for the interview with in-depth research and questions. With so many uncertainties in the typical workday, a hiring manager will appreciate the fact you showed up when you were supposed to and came ready to have an engaging conversation.

You should also convey your determination and passion for both the job and the industry. Don’t be afraid to be persistent, yet respectful, about wanting the job. Let your interviewer know why you chose this field in the first place, how it has been a fulfilling pursuit and why you’d look forward to coming into work every day.

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