Millennial Hiring Strategy


Still representing a large percentage of the workforce, baby boomers are poised to leave a lot of job openings behind as they pass into retirement over the next decade.

Millennials are expected to fill that void and companies need to start attracting this generation now, or risk being caught off guard.

Younger workers aren’t motivated by the same things as baby boomers. They’ve grown up expecting that they won’t be working at one company until retirement, and they’ve embraced this new reality by constantly looking outside their current employer for the next opportunity.

This arguably makes keeping millennials even harder than recruiting them. Companies can do both by making their culture more millennial-friendly.

Embrace the ‘Why’

Unlike Gen Xers before them, millennials tend to be an idealistic bunch. Your company should be speaking to this idealism by supporting causes that are an extension of its brand or culture. For instance, if your company employs a significant amount of pet owners, it makes sense to support charities that allow your employees to help animals hands-on.

By embracing a larger purpose in this way, your company will not only speak to millennial values, it will also help to strengthen your brand and differentiate it from the competition.

Offer Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth

Most millennials are at the start of both their career and their adult life. By offering opportunities for growth, you are speaking directly to young workers’ current needs and wants.

Mentoring programs, formal training, networking opportunities and cross training are all programs that not only attract millennials, they also keep them engaged and committed to your organization. Furthermore, fitness programs and volunteer work outings give millennials the chance to grow as people.

Foster Innovation

Millennials want to chance to innovate and be creative. Even workers in highly-structured jobs with very specific daily duties should be encouraged to find better solutions or ways to improve standard operating procedures. Your company should be incentivizing innovation and making it clear during the hiring process that innovators are handsomely rewarded in your organization.

Build a Dynamic a Vibrant Culture

Enchanted by stories of start-up culture out in Silicon Valley, millennials want to look forward to going into work each day. For companies, that means encouraging a community culture that allows employees to be themselves.

That doesn’t just mean tossing a foosball table in the break room. Communal spaces should be designed in a way for workers to interact and get to know each other on a personal level. Companies should stage events that let employees express themselves, like chili cook-offs or holiday decorating parties. If possible, culture-building events should be an extension of the company’s core brand or mission.

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